Sierra Nevada Little Things

The Challenge: Sierra Nevada launched Hazy Little Things in 2019 to connect with younger
craft drinkers. These drinkers were rejecting the elitist attitude of the craft world, and Sierra Nevada needed to stay relevant. Over the next 18 months, they rolled out Wild Little Thing and Big Little Thing. In 2021 – they planned to launch one more beer, Sunny Little Thing. With the launch of Sunny, they had a bigger problem, they needed to create a unified brand family to bring the Little Things together.

The Approach: Tell young drinkers that the Little Things Family of beers was crafted specifically to meet them where they are, and the variety of styles are created for every occasion, every mood, and every personality.

The Idea: Little Things drinkers are not locked into one beer. Sometimes they want a high ABV. Sometimes they want something fruity. And sometimes they just want a solid IPA. People are multidimensional, and so are we. Sierra Nevada has crafted a diverse family of beers so that whatever the moment, whatever the mood, our drinkers have a delicious beer to meet it.

Sierra Nevada’s Little Things. What’s your thing?

What we did:

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Radio / Spotify
  • Production