Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo

The Challenge: As millennials become parents, they are eager to share the world and unique experiences with their kids. However, they are also aware of how some zoo and animal organizations treat animals. Unfortunately, they do not have a positive view of zoos.

The Approach: Showcase the Denver Zoo as a place where guests can escape reality and enter an environment connected to something bigger than everyday life.

The Idea: It’s a Calling – We love animals. The four-legged ones. The two-legged ones. The no-legged ones. We love the way they can just shake things off and the way they’re not afraid to go after what they want. But most of all, we love the way that while teaching their little ones about the ways of the world, they teach us a few things too. We’re not interested in taming them or training them or trying to make them more like us. We just want to celebrate them for the amazing creatures they already are. Which is why, at Denver Zoo, it’s really not an alarm that gets us up in the morning—it’s a calling.

What we did:

  • Branding
  • Production
  • Art Direction
  • Design