Goose Island Beer Hugs Packaging design

Craft beer is changing. Somewhere along the line, “craft” became synonymous with “pretentious”. Bearded men in plaid. Undrinkable, bitter flavors. Mandatory glassware. Beer that was trying hard to be different rather than trying hard to be delicious.

Goose Island has never been about that. They came to Grit to design packaging for a new line called Beer Hug. Sure the liquid is carefully crafted (Goose Island is one of the foremost craft breweries in the country) but more importantly, it is there for the taking. It is meant to be shared, enjoyed, laughed over, and cheers.

Grit focused on creating a packaging system that celebrates the sheer fun that drinking a beer brings. Playing off the name Beer Hug, we illustrated a sly bear wearing sunnies that is the central feature of the brand and its packaging. Bright colors, bold type and clear hierarchy come together to make sure that this beer stands out.

What we did:

  • Packaging Design
  • Production
  • Branding