Strainge Beast

The Challenge: Hard Kombucha is an emerging category where a select few brands dominate. Strainge Beast was intentionally designed to look different, but now it was struggling to gain footing. Stores and sales reps agreed it was the best tasting, but it didn’t look like the hyper-millennial, manicured offerings that lead the category.

The Approach: Gen Z is almost myopically focused on proving their individuality. In fact, they hold a lot of their personal clout in being able to one-up their friends by thinking differently (e.g. “you know you’re neurodivergent when…”), dressing differently, and having weirder thoughts than those around them. The shift from “cultivated influencers” to a rag-tag band of unapologetic weirdos is going to change the look and feel of brands for the next decade or more.
Strainge Beast is uniquely positioned to own its own weirdness while becoming an early adopter of an identity that is defined by Gen Z, but not just for Gen Z. Zennials (people in their mid-late 20’s) want to remain the pinnacle of cool. And so, they rapidly adopt the trends Gen Z set and bring them into the mainstream.

The Idea: Let’s Get Strainge – All hard kombucha looks, sounds and feels the same. Which is kind of odd for such a unique beverage. When we started fermenting Kombucha, we wanted to make something that would get noticed, not blend in. Intriguing flavors. Wild effervescence. Strainge Beast is not afraid to stand out. Rather than hide behind the pretty filter washing over the category, we’re here to relish in the unique, free-spirited individuality that defines the moment. We are here for those who want to feel alive. Those who stand out. Those who are exactly who they are. Where here to shrug off the status quo and run headlong into the wonderfully absurd. It’s time to break free. It’s time to get weird. It’s time to be strange. Strainge Beast. Let’s get strainge.

What we did:

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Production
  • Design