Sierra Nevada Little Things Social

With Hazy Little Thing IPA and Wild Little Thing Slightly Sour Ale experiencing strong momentum in the craft beer category as some of the highest volume craft beers of the summer, Sierra Nevada wanted to ensure that it could keep that momentum rolling into the fall. With the two Little Things beers having unique personality traits compared to other products under the Sierra Nevada brand, it was important to tow the line between making these products “fun” on social media, while also maintaining the set of standards Sierra Nevada has for its beer. We developed the campaign: complex beer, simplified for your pleasure, to acknowledge the thoughtfulness that has gone into the brewing process with a light-hearted tone that breaks down the barrier some have between craft beer and mass-produced beer. With COVID-19 restricting on-premise advertising, we created videos that would celebrate at-home consumption.

What we did:

  • Creative direction
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign development
  • Production
  • Animation
  • Illustration