Sierra Nevada Strainge Beast Social

With hard kombuchas entering the market from all directions hoping to leverage the rising equity of the hard seltzer category while leaning into the nation’s ever-evolving preference for healthier, more thoughtful beverage options, Sierra Nevada launched the Chico Fermentation Project to create Strainge Beast, a hard kombucha in three unique flavors. Known for its esteemed brewing processes, Sierra Nevada wished to focus more on the flavor and quality of the product, rather than the health benefits. Content was designed to introduce consumers to the “Strainge Lifestyle” and what’s possible when you explore what the “Beast” has to offer with a product that’s “Hard to Describe, Easy to Drink.” We developed creative that would showcase the unexpected flavors and create a bit of intrigue around the results of a newly intoxicating product that’s creating a buzz with a new type of buzz.

What we did:

  • Campaign development
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Production